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Check out our new videos here! Top garden fruit varieties. More trees, more fruit, same space! Waimea Nurseries is the leading producer for fruit, nut, berry and ornamental trees for the consumer market in New Zealand. These products are distributed through garden centres and chain stores nationwide.

  • Green fingers
  • Demand for heritage fruit trees outstrips supply
  • Explore Southland
  • Letters from New Zealand – a Permaculture Food Forest in the Far South
  • Zero Waste in Southland
  • Fall Roundup: The spectacular apple orchards you can visit this fall near Metro Vancouver
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Green fingers

Wages are on the high national average and houses are relatively cheap, making this overall sparsely populated region a judicious choice for young families. Ironically, the latter started roaming about the coastline as early as the late 18th century, due to the abundance of seals and whales. The mids marked the creation of the first settlements, now known as Invercargill and Bluff. Sheep and dairy farming then developed and are still nowadays a major industry and source of income for the region.

Three climates can be distinguished within the region: mild on the coasts, bigger extremes further inland, and wet around the Fiordland area. Invercargill can be fairly windy and usually records mild temperatures, around C in summer and around 5C in winter, with very long daylight hours in summer and rather short ones in winter.

Southland has many cards to play on the employment scene. Fishing and forestry opportunities are comparably to the national average but promising Southland jobs can be found in the energy sector.

Boating, fishing, kayaking, diving, tramping are only a few of the popular tours offered in the region. Visit our offices in Hamilton, Nelson, or Ballito. Email us at [email protected] or via the form below.

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Demand for heritage fruit trees outstrips supply

Sourcing quality, locally grown produce is hugely important to us here at Shepherd. Headed up by gardener Matt, Our Terroir supplies us with same-day harvested vegetables directly from a garden situated on a slither of land on the edge of Te Whanganui-a-Tara. We caught up with Matt as he was picking our order of silverbeet and radishes. Tell us about Our Terroir and what makes your produce special? Our Terroir grows microgreens, edible flowers and garden produce in Wellington city. We grow as locally as possible and deliver garden produce within a few hours of harvest. Our Terroir is interested in allowing our local environment and ecology to express fully in the flavours of the produce we grow.

Fruit Tree supply is limited in some varieties, Nichol's Fruit Tree Catalogue ALMONDS. Product Code. Fruit. Variety Heritage apple.

Explore Southland

Savoring a mouthful of sweet, juicy raspberries is one of life's heady experiences. Several different species are found in Southern gardens. Black raspberries are selections of Rubus occidentalis, a North American species. Purple raspberries are hybrids between red and black types. Gardeners in the Tropical South grow Mysore raspberry Rubus niveus , which, unlike other species, needs no winter chill to flower and fruit. For species grown as ornamentals, see Rubus. Raspberries grow from shallow perennial roots that produce thorny biennial stems called canes.

Letters from New Zealand – a Permaculture Food Forest in the Far South

Naturally forming a medium to large shaped bush, feijoas can be incorporated into garden beds, can be clipped into formal topiary standards, grown in large pots, trained into an espaliered fan shape against a wall or planted in a row as an edible hedge. For a hedge, plant a mix of varieties around a metre apart to spread the crop over a few months. Feijoa trees grow well in almost all areas of the country, tolerating all but the very driest and very water-logged soils — though definitely thrive more in fertile, free draining soil. Despite their South American heritage and tropical appearance, the trees are hardy to around degrees so can even be planted in regions with very cold winters like Canterbury, Otago and Southland.

Written by Hayley Hannan.

Zero Waste in Southland

Poppy always said that: August is the time to plant Roses, Fruit Trees, Lilies, Asparagus, Strawberries, and get your potatoes sprouted. Spring is in the air Don't you just love the feel, smell and birds chirping. We have our 1st tomato and courgette plants out for sale for the weekend. Our vege plants are ready to go as well now. Get them in now and they will mature in November before all the bugs and pests arrive

Fall Roundup: The spectacular apple orchards you can visit this fall near Metro Vancouver

The Halfway House orchard was planted on Saturday, 16 July,Sixteen trees were planted and each was donated by someone in the local community. Additional orchard plantings have since been made. Some remnants of the original Halfway House orchard remain, such as elderberries, a yellow fleshed red skinned plum, and a red fleshed cherry plum. Varieties named in early settler letters, or published journals written about The Halfway - Glenside sinceNamed varieties available or growing locally when the existing Halfway House was built, which was in the mid-Victorian period. Whether the fruit trees could be pollinated by each-other or were self-pollinating.

Help us get Heritage Fruit Trees providing free fruit for communities that need it most This is vital for a sustainable future to insure ourselves against the.

Wrong document context!

In Mike and Helen Darling purchased a 10 hectare property 10 kilometres north of Cromwell. To ensure it has the best possible flavour, we hold our fruit a wee bit longer on the tree. We grow apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, greengages, tomatoes, courgettes, purple passion potatoes, heritage apples, pears, Nashi, mulberries, walnuts and figs.

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Robyn Guyton stands in the Zone 5 area of her food forest. With this post, and the video included, I want to give you a bit of a look at this temperate climate, biological cornucopia. Riverton, New Zealand. Looking eastwards over windswept Riverton.

Giving Norway a run for its money, the Fiordland region in the South Island gives a geological masterclass in glacial architecture and desolate romance.

To see why so many people chose to make Southland their home, watch some of the great videos made by James Jubb of Studio Jubb in conjunction with Southland District Council. While we will all face challenges, there will be countless opportunities to explore. Now, more than ever before, Southland must be united. Our communities, our businesses, our people — working together to discover and achieve what we are capable of. Our future awaits. We are stronger together. As Miharo Polyfest celebrates its 10th anniversary, we reflect on the positive impact it continues to have on our communities.

Photo: Willow View Farms Facebook. Did you know that Strongbow uses over 1 billion apples each year, each grown from their 10, acres of apple orchards? Currently, their orchards are offering ripe Honeycrisp, Gala, Elstar, Alkmene and McIntosh apples with Fuji, Jonagold and Ambrosia varieties expected to ripen later this month.

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